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Mini Packs - 1 Pack

Your original Shopkins favorites are back within adorable Mini Packs! We’re celebrating 10 amazing Seasons of Shopkins with the debut of Shopkins Mini Packs – the Collectors’ Edition. Explore the all new Mini Packs housed in every Small Mart department, from Bakery to Homewares, Frozen to Dairy there’s over 80 to collect and enjoy. Mini Packs ensure there’s plenty of new shopping delights to discover – it’s all about the packaging. But wait…there’s more…each of the cute Mini Packs come with a bonus Shopkins that relives the excitement of Seasons 1, 2 and 3. Strawberry Kiss, Taco Terrie and many more return in their original looks complete with an embossed stamp indicating their inaugural season. With a range of fun Shopkins finishes including “Hot Spot Special”, “Clear Essentials” and “Fantabulous Favorites” Mini Packs ensure there’s plenty of new shopping delights to explore and build up your shop. Remember to keep an eye out for the Limited Edition Crystal Shopkins…once you shop, you can’t stop!

Product Features:
Product Features:
• 1 Collector’s Edition Shopkin with embossed stamp
• 1 unique Mini Packs packaging vessel
• 1 Collector’s guide to tick off your ultimate shopping list!
• Will you find a Fantabulous Favorite Limited Edition Shopkin?

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