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Pick'N'Pack Small Mart

Welcome to the all-new Shopkins Pick ‘N’ Pack Small Mart – the most Shoppable location in Shopville! Your Mini Packs and Shopkins will love the cute display shelves, fridge and 2 in 1 convertible cart and carry basket. Invite your Shoppies to run the pop-up register (did we hear there’s a spill on aisle 3?), place the bag & spin or explore the latest specials – there’s plenty of fun possibilities. With 2 Exclusive Collector’s Edition Shopkins inside 2 All-New Mini Packs included, this playset is ready go! Plus, don’t forget to check out your loyalty card benefits on the Welcome to Shopville app to extend your play even further.

Product Features:
– Perfect for Shoppie Dolls, Shopkins and Mini Packs!
– Includes 2 Exclusive Collector’s Edition Shopkins and 2 Mini Packs.
– Carry basket converts to a shopping cart.
– Bag and spin your Mini Packs!
– Includes Loyalty card to swipe at the register!

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