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Pommie Shoppie

Shopville’s most fashionable friends are back! Join the Shoppies as they share their unique style and sense of fun with this season’s “Shop Style”.
Meet Pommie and her Shopkin Pammy Pom Pom! Pommie loves to style it up with pom poms and this fluffy Shoppie always looks sharp! As a big softie when it comes to helping others she’s a bestie with the gentle touch.
Pommie also comes with a comb to style her hair, a doll stand and a personalized mini SPK magazine! Be sure to enter your magazine code for VIP access and rewards on the “Shopkins World!” app!

Product Features:
• Flashy Fashionable Dolls!
• Meet some colourful new Shoppies who love shopping for style!
• Every Shoppie comes with an Exclusive Shopkin!
• Includes comb to style hair
• Mini SPK magazine featuring themselves on the front cover!

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