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Family Mini Packs! Shopper Pack

Look what’s in store for you! – It’s time to have some family fun! Inside every collectable Family Mini Pack is a brand new Shopkin family member to find! Search the shelves to collect a whole family of Shopkins, including cute little Babykins! – There’s a 1 in 4 chance to find one! There are over 30 fun Shopkin families to meet and collect including the adorable Bubs & Spices Limited Edition Shopkins! The Shopper Pack contains eight Shopkins inside 8 cute Mini Packs including 2 hidden Shopkins inside. Find them all and bring them together to create your own happy families!

Product Features:
• Cute miniature collectible packaging containing an ALL NEW Family themed Shopkins!
• Collect a whole Shopkin family! With 0ver 30 families to collect!
• Includes 8 Shopkins and 8 Family Mini Packs!
• 1 in 4 chance to find a bonus Babykin inside!
• Will you find the adorable Limited Edition Bubs & Spices Shopkins?

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